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1. Meet with our Design Team

You will get a chance to share your dreams, the style of house you are looking for and the functionality needed in the home.

Over the next couple of weeks the design team will have you share pictures with them that inspire you and they will also be sending you back pictures for validation. Due to the extensive experience our team has we can help you navigate the myriad of selections WITHOUT going way over budget. Given our twelve year history in design and decor we are also going to make sure the house has a design concept that doesn't look like all of your neighbors and that flows from room to room. We will manage the updates to make sure they will appeal to a wide range of buyers because life sometimes throws you a curve ball and if you need to sell the home we want to make sure you are doing renovations with a high return on investment.

2. Virtual Meeting with our Architectural Team

Sometimes what we envision isn't what we really want but we don't know until we see the vision come to life. This can lead to very costly mistakes with selections getting a architectural rendering of the keys rooms can prevent that from happening and we don't charge for renderings.

3. Final Proposal

Once the final design specifications and any needed drawings are completed we will submit a formal proposal from our contract team our vetted team of contractors/vendors will submit their best pricing for each area so you can compare and contrast---savings you thousands. Most clients don't take time for comparison shopping. Our proposal will have proposed timelines and budgets for all areas.

4. Sign Contract and Onboard Project Planning Software & Portal

Once the contract is signed you will have a dedicated construction project manager and a design project manager assigned. You will also have an owner portal in our Project Management Software that will allow you to communicate with everyone and the log will be visible at all times. You will see each Phase of the Project with estimated timelines that facilitate discussions with your project managers.

5. Weekly Review Sessions

Your Project Managers will schedule weekly reviews with you to provide a high level overview of what your seeing on the project plan giving you a chance to ask questions and brainstorm about ideas for expediting the project and/or obtaining the best materials in a timely fashion.